Growing Vibrations Issue 3

Cannabis Butter & Tantric Sex

Issue #3 September 2020

Do you love the euphoric feeling of cannabis but would prefer not to inhale? There are multiple ways to experience the high from THC. Cannabis butter is one of them! Cannabis butter is an edible way to enjoy the pleasures of Mary Jane with all of the food that you love to indulge in! To learn more about  the process of making cannabis butter and an introduction to Tantric Sex, check out the first edition of GROWING VIBRATIONS magazine! 

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Bring your man to his KNEES with the Lingam Penis Massage!

Issue #2 JUNE 2020

Ladies did you know there are more ways to massage the penis with more than just your vagina?! Let me tell you about an advanced technique called the Lingam Massage! It will bring a man to his knees and have him begging you please! To read more about it, check out my article in the second edition of Growing Vibrations Magazine!

To the gentleman out there: I’m not in the mood! How many times have you heard this from your partner? The way women view somethings can be completely different from men. Especially when it comes to the bedroom! If you are tired of hearing that from your lady love, what are you going to do about it? To hear tips on how to tap into a woman’s mind, come on over to read the third edition of GV magazine. 

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Growing Vibrations Issue 2
Growing Vibrations Issue 1

Marked By Beauty. Overcoming Insecurities & embrassing Self Love

Issue #1 May 2020

We all have flaws that we are sometimes ashamed of. Whether it be physically or internally. We must learn to love the skin that we’re in because outer beauty means nothing if you embody internal insecurities. If you need help in the self love and motivation department, there is a sensational brand called Marked by Beauty that we think you would love to read about!

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Growing Vibrations Magazine was created because the world needs a change! People now have a place that will make them feel like being YOURSELF is completely safe! This platform allows individuals to feel the freedom of exploring, expanding, and opening their minds to new ideas that the average will run from!

GVM Boss - Katiah Byrd